Interview with Martha Hartney, Managing Attorney for CEC, and Joe Tafur MD, CEC Board Member and Ayahuasquero. Stuart Preston interviews Martha and Joe to learn more about their church's initiative and crowdfund as their spiritual community seeks to understand what happened when Customs and Border Patrol seized their sacramental Ayahuasca last year, and to learn more about other shipments of Ayahuasca that were seized in 2020, and how in dealing with the authorities, the Church of Eagle and the Condor can navigate a path toward protecting their religious right to utilize Ayahuasca in sacred ceremony.

Community Service

Winter Solstice Sunrise

Morning prayers offered by Naomi Tsosie for humanity.

Kinaaldá Ceremony

Members of the Church help to celebrate a young Diné woman's steps into Womanhood.

Sacred Activism

Supporting the San Carlos tribe in Arizona to protect their ancestral homelands from copper mining.

Videos on the Celebration of Life

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Claudia Cuentas Oviedo on the Prophecy of Eagle and the Condor to join together as the hummingbird.

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A special prayer from our brother Rodney Garcia in celebration of the Winter Solstice.

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Celebrating Earth Day with a special message from our brother Joe Tafur.


Through Creator, we are all blessed. Here on earth prayers were made for us as children of the earth.  We are blessed. In turn, our children and grandchildren will be blessed.  Walking the Corn Pollen Path towards beauty.  May we walk in Beauty.

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