About Us

The Church of the Eagle and the Condor is a spiritual community founded upon the ancient wisdoms of the first Americans and based upon the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.  In 2018, we came together to create this spiritual community.  We are now able to provide programs to nurture your hearts, spirits, and minds.  We come together in fellowship through community services, ceremony, and its integration towards self-evolution.

Our Purpose

The Church of the Eagle and the Condor's Mission is to assist others with reaching inward and toward knowing the divine self, and to honor the cultural diversity of the Original Peoples of the Americas.

This is done through the following objectives:

-To promote the spiritual unity of all people with the Creator.

-To provide spiritual and healing ceremonies and cultural events

-To be a living expression of unity, preservation of the cultural and spiritual legacy of the human-race

-To participate in teachings of universal knowledge, spiritual ceremonies, and physical/spiritual healing.

In this walk, we seek to support and promote the cultural inheritance of the medicinal, social, cultural, and spiritual values of:

-Integrity and Ethics

-Ayni/Sacred Reciprocity


-Sacred Activism

Our Values

In this walk, we seek to support and promote the cultural inheritance of medicinal, social, cultural, and spiritual values through:

-Work towards the unification of all people from around Mother Earth.

- Supporting the original people of the Americas in the preservation of their way of life and Mother Earth.

-Presenting programs and workshops focused on the promotion and preservation of indigenous cultures, restoration of a harmonious relationship with the natural environment and spiritually in health.

a time of coming together of peoples, ancestry, and traditions, along with the restoration of harmony between humankind and Mother Nature.

the ‘re-encounter’ of all elements having suffered separation during humanity’s prior unfolding.


Andrew Russian UuVkBMbNSlM Unsplash

Earth (Allpa) represents sitting and sensing and the body.  It is the energy force of the Pachamama. She is the nurturer of all life.


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Water (Unu) representing purification and our emotions as human beings and the heart.  It is the living essence of the sacred water of life.


Eagle and Condor

Air (Wayra) represents intuition and the living energy of the wind.  It is the sacredness of the holy winds.


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Fire (Nina) represents thinking or the mind.  Fire represents the Sun that rises in the east and sets in west.  It is the heart of humanity.


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Quintessence (T'eqsekallapa) represents the prana, ether, and the tachyon energy that extend everywhere and are accessible at any point, time or dimension.

Eagle and Condor Meet

Gathering of the Eagle and the Condor

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