We are committed to cultivating unity, awareness, empathy, and wisdom as we enter the era of light, an Age of Awakening, an Age of Returning to natural ways. 

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Request a Prayer

We offer community prayer requests in those times of loss, illness, or when you need additional support.  Complete the form below with your intentions and we will handle the rest.


Prayer Request

Please complete your prayer request below:

Diné Ancestral Wisdom


Josie Begay-James, Diné Elder

Josie Begay-James will be joining us to share ancestral Diné (Navajo) wisdom. She will offer some of her understanding of holistic healing and traditional values, as well as some of her own personal experience as a spiritual woman and educator. Josie will also respond to our questions in this very special 90-minute recorded online event.



A talking circle is an opportunity for inner expression of the self.  As a community, we hold a sacred container for you to express yourself and request support.  This circle is facilitator lead with an assistant.  Watch our calendar of events for the next talking circle and the opportunity to participate.

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Táchéé (Lodge)

Also known as a Sweat Lodge is used for cleansing and purification of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  It is a place for individual prayer and a container for transformation to our higher self.  Watch our calendar of events to participate.


The CEC believes that we are within our rights, under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, to sincerely practice sacred Ayahuasca ceremony, under the guidance of a trained Ayahuasquero from the Shipibo lineage. Ayahuasca is our sacred sacrament. We believe in strict ceremonial guidelines, including proper intake and screening in order to participate in the Ayahuasca ceremony. Utilized responsibly, the sacred plant medicines can help us to heal our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Through this sacrament, we commune with the Divine Light and are inspired to seek balance and peace within.

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